On/Off shore


The development of Cantieri E. Noè, the experience, problem-solving capabilities, and commitment to providing a high-level assistance and maintenance service have made us, since 1890, protagonists first in the field of naval and dry-dock repairs, and then in On/Off-shore operations, through a renewed pathway of highly professional qualification (BOSIET, HUET, EBS, BASIC H2S… courses) of our specialized personnel (supervisors, welders, mechanics, electricians, structural iron workers, carpenters, pipefitters, and others), in compliance with:

  • Internationally recognized Standards;
  • Directives issued by the competent Supervisory Authorities;
  • Quality procedures certified by the various Classification Bodies envisaged by the ISO 9001-2008 standards.

Great experience and expertise are particularly necessary to work, in conditions of safety, on floating and fixed platforms and storage tanks.
Cantieri E. Noè have consolidated organizational, planning, and engineering skills in the field and are able to provide a complete range of executions, completions, support services, and turnkey services.

In particular:

  • Welding of steels (any kind) carried out by certified welders;
  • Main and auxiliary diesel engine maintenance;
  • Maintenance of electric motors and alternators;
  • Reconstruction of piping;
  • Boiler, condenser, and heater repairs;
  • Maintenance and repair of rotary machines, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, valves, turbines, etc...;
  • Issuing of measurement, calibration, and test and inspection certificates;
  • Easurement of thicknesses using ultrasound;
  • Mechanical constructions with the issuing of certificates on the metals used;
  • 10. Prefabrication of structures to be assembled later.

Below is a list of some of the most significant operations already carried out in the On/Off-shore field, using both hot and cold processing methods:

  • ASTERIE drilling plant: reclassification and reconditioning work;
  • VEGA oil field: general overhaul of diesel generators; redoing of the pipes of the wall-mounted boilers and the refractory materials;
  • PRIDE VENEZUELA drilling plant: hydroblasting of the bridge with extremely high-pressure (2200 bar) machine during navigation from Palermo to the Angola coasts; general electromechanical overhaul of 750 kW electric motors;
  • VEGA OIL field – LEONIS storage tank: construction in the shop and supply of various supports for Yoke connecting arm;
  • Bouri Field FSU Sloug storage tank (Mellitah Oil & Gasa Libya): prefabrication and subsequent installation of external plates for the longitudinal reinforcement of the hull; restructuring of the longitudinal cofferdam body; prefabrication in the shop and subsequent renewal onboard of the longitudinal structures inside ballast caissons no. 5 right and left and no. 3 right and left; Platform DP3, Bouri Field: repair of damage near the pedestal of the vertical columns of the two onboard cranes (east and west).